Volvo B5L S-Charge


E-mobility redefined

Volvo Buses proudly presents the latest addition to our electromobility range. Based on our full-hybrid driveline with a decade-long track record of excellence, it now offers unique operational and environmental capabilities. In addition to massive fuel savings, it can run in electric-only mode at bus stops, in depots and in defined zero-emission zones. It was therefore logical to give it a new name. Welcome to explore the Volvo B5L S-Charge.

All electric capabilities

All-electric capabilities - no charging infrastructure

The Volvo B5L S-Charge can operate in electric mode for up to 1 km and at speeds of up to 50 km/h. It is also able to arrive, idle and depart from bus stops silently and emission-free. And it does so without any charging infrastructure. The actual distances and capabilities depend on local conditions, such as topography and average speed, and are therefore subject to a route analysis. This functionality is based on Volvo’s unique Zone Management system, a smart connected service. In addition to these functions, the Volvo B5L S-Charge will autonomously optimise every metre of the route and save a lot of fuel.

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Carbon footprint

Carbon footprint explained

All over the world, CO2 emissions are a major issue. But often the focus remains on tailpipe emissions, whereas well-to-wheel footprint is the only way to measure actual impact. For electric buses, the footprint of the grid energy is the decisive factor. The self-charging Volvo B5L S-Charge can use any mix up to 100% biofuel and present a carbon footprint less than half that of coal-based electricity, and sometimes lower than a grid-charged BEV. And compared to a so-called mild hybrid the difference is substantial.

Fleet management

Great savings on your fuel bills

The fuel savings will depend largely on the kind of operation undertaken, but our highly efficient Volvo B5L S-Charge has been reported to give savings of up to 39% in mixed traffic. The Hybrid chassis is equipped with a number of special features to assist optimum performance. It's a result of the complete integration of the engine and the hybrid systems – all of which are designed and manufactured by Volvo.

Unrivalled uptime

Unrivalled uptime

The Volvo Parallel Hybrid driveline has a long, proven in-service record with thousands of vehicles in operation. With legendary Volvo reliability and a service-friendly layout for easy maintenance, your bus is designed for optimum uptime. In addition, we can offer a range of services to further ensure vehicle availability and avoid unplanned downtime. The Volvo B5L S-Charge is backed by our usual warranty and minimises risk levels for our customers.

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Reduced weight – more capacity

Thanks to weight savings on the Volvo B5L S-Charge chassis, allowing passenger capacity on a par with conventional diesel buses.

Hybrid driveline

The smarter driveline

The Volvo I-Sam driveline features a 110 kW electric motor, a right-sized 5-litre Euro 6 diesel engine and Volvo I-Shift gearbox.

Future proof


The Volvo B5L S-Charge is part of our holistic approach to sustainable transport solutions. Our partnerships with cities worldwide help create new means of public transport.


Secure your uptime

Secure your uptime

When you sign up for a Volvo Service Contract your vehicles will be taken care of at a specified cost and with a minimum of administration. And always with Genuine Volvo Parts fitted by experts.

Secure your uptime
Manage your zones

Manage your zones

Volvo’s zone management is a development of geofencing. Instead of just following a vehicle and registering when it crosses a boundary, we can change parameters on-board the vehicle and control its behaviour inside a zone.

Manage your zones
Volvo I-Coaching

Volvo I-Coaching

Volvo I-Coaching is a connected service for continuous improvement of driver performance. Instant feedback on vital driving parameters help professional drivers to adopt a more smoother, more efficient driving style.

Volvo I-Coaching
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